Mo-Sys and Erizos combine to power NBC Sports broadcast

Nov 10, 2023

Mo-Sys and Erizos combine to power NBC Sports broadcast

Mo-Sys and Erizos combine to power interactive virtual table for major NBC Sports broadcast

The Tour de France is one of the world’s most prestigious cycle races with its route crossing France and traversing neighbouring countries. In 2023, the competition attracted a total audience of 42.5 million on French television alone, and millions more around the globe.

NBC immersed its viewers with a new, innovative commentary solution from Erizos. The Virtual Table gave a new perspective, elevated with improved rider stats and analysis through the use of real-time data driven graphic animations which conveyed the energy and excitement of the race.


Mo-Sys and Erizos combine to power NBC Sports broadcast

The solution showcased new capabilities of the Virtual Table, now able to deliver content with enhanced speed, precision, and realism while incorporating advanced shading and lighting techniques that parallel the capabilities of Unreal Engine.

Mo-Sys’ VP Pro integrated tracking data from StarTracker with lens distortion and provided Fill and Key signals for external compositing in the studio’s switcher.


Mo-Sys and Erizos combine. This image showing presenters in the studio using Erizos Virtual Table during commentary of the Tour de France

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