Having worked with leading filmmakers and some of the biggest broadcasters in the industry we’ve built an unrivalled service for our customers. Here are some of the kind words that our customers had to say about our products and our customer service


The L40 has all the precision and ease-of-use that has made the Mo-Sys Lambda the standard for two axis heads for nearly a decade in a new lightweight package with increased rigidity, stronger and quieter motors. The L40 will set a new standard with a digital back-pan gyro option, making it an economical option for articulating and standard crane work. Slip-ring free, the direct tangle free cabling makes the onset workflow quick for tech-less operation. The set up and balancing is intuitive as is the digital touchscreen operator desk with all the options and controls operators have come to expect.

Lawrence Karman, Active Remote System, Los Angeles

I can’t say enough about how much I and my customers, some of the most experienced Hollywood cinematographers, camera operators and camera assistants in the world like the Mo-Sys Lambda head.

Mark Pilborough-Skinner, Head of Virtual Production, Garden Studios

We're just not worried about Mo-Sys. We've done 80+ productions and never had an issue with it.

Danny Popkin, Technical Manager, BBC Studios

The StarTracker performed brilliantly. It really is a wonder product.

Tim Moore, CEO, Vu Technologies

We've been using the StarTracker for almost two years now and its an incredibly stable system.

Jim Rider, Virtual Production Supervisor, Final Pixel

StarTracker is extremely robust, once its set up and calibrated, which doesn't take long, you come in in the morning, turn it on and it just knows where it is, and its bullet proof, and that's exactly what you want. It's one less thing we need to worry about.

Chris Tornow, Pfinix Creative Group

We've been using Mo-Sys, and Startracker specifically for 3 years. Once you set it up, turn it on and within a couple of seconds it locks in and we're ready to do our virtual productions. Day after day we've been using the same Star Map, and we've been using that same Star Map for probably three years and its just rock solid, every time we turn it on. Every time we do a VR installation, we always recommend Mo-Sys because it is, in our opinion, the most stable, rock solid camera tracking you can get. Mo-Sys has been really great about their support.

Gary Adcock, Evangelist and New Technology Advocate in Media and Entertainment

Mo-Sys products have allowed me to be a better film maker & work faster, and more efficiently at less cost.

Carl Bodeker, Technical Sales Manager, Vinten Automation

Through the use of StarTracker we are now using real-time navigation using star clusters that get mounted to lighting grids, ceilings or anywhere above. Lighting does not interfere with StarTracker. If a unit gets blocked by lights it still only needs to see 15 stars or so to navigate properly. So a typical arrangement would be 30/40/50 stars at any time but what that enables us to do is, we no-longer need a floor target, so everything is referenced through StarTracker, and therefore every shot is a point-to-point exact measurement from the Mo-Sys StarTracker system.

Chris Marsall, Owner of CGLA Studios, Los Angeles

“For this year’s E!'s coverage of the Oscars I wanted to do something different and sold [E!] them on the idea of enhancing their broadcast with AR graphics during the Countdown show as well as the Post show. As this was E!'s first foray into AR graphics we needed a solid and reliable tracking system. We used 2 systems; the Mo-Sys Vinten V70 Kit and also the Mo-Sys crane encoding kit for tracking. They are both robust and travel friendly options that guarantee accurate tracking data. Next year we will hopefully be using a full Unreal set-up with AR and you can be sure we'll have a full complement of Mo-Sys encoders”.

We took the G30 out of the box, put it on our mount and turned it on. The stabilization of our picture is significantly better than anything we had seen before – the results have been very, very good.
Emmanuel Lubezki, 3X Academy Award Winning Cinematographer
Mo-Sys robotic camera heads gave us the flexibility we needed. Their reliability and precision was essential for our production.

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