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Virtual Production Training from Mo-Sys Academy will help you master virtual production and bring your vision to life. Build your confidence quickly and gain valuable, hands-on experience with Mo-Sys’ unique practical courses in London and LA.

Mo-Sys B20 Remote Head

B20 Remote Head

The B20 was specially designed for virtual sets and is particularly suited to long-term installations in TV studios. This robotic camera head is light and affordable, yet still has the same strong gears and fast response as our other heads.

Mo-Sys Cinematic XR Focus

Cinematic XR Focus

A feature of Mo-Sys VP Pro XR, Cinematic XR Focus enables focus pulls between real-world foreground objects and virtual assets placed deep within the scene.

Mo-Sys Complete Virtual Studio Systems

Virtual Studio System

Take your production to the next level with an LED Virtual Studio from Mo-Sys. Complete system integration from concept to delivery, with on-site project management.

Mo-Sys G30 Gyro-stabilized


Gyro-stabilized remote head with stub frame and over-motoring, specifically for large studio cameras and lens packages.

Mo-Sys Logo Collection

Logo Collection

Elevate your virtual production projects with Mo-Sys’ logo assets. Download high-quality logos in PNG, SVG, and PDF formats from our content library and create stunning visuals for your audience.

Mo-Sys MoRail


MoRail enables creative moves using PTZ / ENG cameras in a cost-effective, high-performance package. The perspective change achieved dramatically improves the existing static-only movement of PTZ cameras, immersing viewers into the studio without the cost and complication of track-based dolly systems.

Mo-Sys Showreel


Mo-Sys’ showcase of our innovative virtual production technology solutions, highlighting our portfolio of work and demonstrating the power and flexibility of our solutions.

Mo-Sys StarTracker


StarTracker is the first optical solution built from the ground up to address in-studio Virtual Production camera tracking.

Mo-Sys StarTracker Max

StarTracker Max

Utilizing its unrivalled knowledge of Virtual Production, Mo-Sys has developed the next generation virtual production camera tracking solution. StarTracker Max delivers even greater tracking accuracy coupled with new, unique capabilities in an all-new miniaturised and light-weight package.

Mo-Sys StarTracker PTZ

StarTracker PTZ

StarTracker PTZ

Mo-Sys U50 Remote Head

U50 Heavy-duty remote head

Heavy-duty remote head for the biggest box lenses, offering high-precision backlash-free remote camera control, a robust and precise remote head is ideal for heavy box lenses and shooting sporting events or any other long-range environments.

Mo-Sys VP Pro XR


Mo-Sys VP Pro XR is a pre-configured, multi-node nDisplay XR server system, designed specifically for final pixel XR shooting for cinematic projects.

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