How does StarTracker work?

StarTracker is a robust and patented camera tracking system which uses small retro-reflective stars attached to the ceiling. The upward-looking StarTracker sensor determines its position by measuring angles and distances between stars, calculating the absolute position of the camera.

Triangulation with StarTracker

This gathers reliable and highly-precise tracking data, enabling the studio cameras to be moved when overlaying augmented graphics or using a full virtual set.


Operating a film remote head in UE4 | Unreal Engine

Director Asa Bailey testing our film remote head for a virtual production. Here the Mo-Sys Lambda head is being operated from inside the Unreal Engine. Using encoders we can capture the tracking data and send it to the interface of UE4, allowing you to control directly in the engine. This same remote head was used extensively throughout the filming of Gravity (2013).


Turning the wheels of virtual production

Here you can see our Hollywood standard, encoded handwheels controlling a virtual camera inside the Unreal Engine in real-time. The real-time VFX systems have been designed to make virtual production easier for filmmakers using the Unreal Engine.


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