Mo-Sys Deploys Revolutionary Lighting Solutions for Virtual Production at London’s Olympia

Jun 01, 2023

Mo-Sys Deploys Revolutionary Lighting Solutions for Virtual Production at London’s Olympia

Mo-Sys Engineering joined forces once again with 3LR Lighting and Bendac to showcase the latest in ICVFX final pixel virtual production at the Media Production & Technology Show 2023.

LED Virtual Production demonstration at MPTS 2023

Mo-Sys is synonymous with industry leading precision camera tracking for Virtual Production, and showcased the latest version of its StarTracker technology, StarTracker Max. StarTracker Max delivers real advantages over its predecessor, with a smaller and lighter on-camera unit making it much easier to use with Steadicam and handheld cameras. The new platform also provides even greater accuracy, and the software architecture has been designed to allow for new functionality in the future, including a web interface to be introduced shortly.

Completing the seamless blend between real foreground props and the virtual scene, Mo-Sys' partner 3LR Lighting provided Electronic Theatre Controls lighting with a world-first x8 color LED chip array, including Indigo, Blue, Cyan, Green, Lime, Amber, Red, and Deep Red. This innovative lighting solution created a quality of white light never seen before and eliminated color de-saturation when mixing colors.

ETC's range of Film and TV fixtures offers metameric control and is the only fixture to have installed color integrity control. Additionally, ETC's luminaires utilize Droop Compensation algorithms to ensure consistent color and output throughout shoots, overcoming the problem of LED’s becoming less efficient as they heat up, which can result in a loss of output and cause potential color matching issues in post-production.

These LED fixtures offer perfect color homogenization to any LED volume and enhance any traditional Film or TV set with a true full spectrum LED light. With an unparalleled warranty of 10 years, ETC's lighting solutions offer spectral content unlike any other lighting fixture in the Film and TV and photo market today, covering 94% of REC 2020.

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