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Since its introduction in 2014, Mo-Sys' robust and lag-free L-40 remote head has helped cinematographers and camera operators create high-quality productions all over the world. From the recent DC comics adaptation Aquaman to the hit CBS series Hawaii Five-0, which had its season 10 premiere in September 2019, the Mo-Sys L-40 remote camera head has been a popular choice for smooth camera operation on techno-cranes and dollies.

In 2016, Director of Photography Dan Laustsen chose the L-40 for Guillermo del Toro’s Academy Award-winning The Shape of Water. Thanks to its intuitive control and built-in high-resolution encoders, the L-40 captured accurate pan and tilt data for post-production enabling a stress-free VFX operation.

Veteran key grip and now remote head tech & telescopic crane operator, Peter Drinco has been using the Mo-Sys Remote Camera Head all over the U.S. on various productions such as HBO’s acclaimed Westworld and ABC’s The Rookie among others. We spoke to Drinco to find out why he chose the L-40, what he’s been filming recently and how this camera remote head has improved his latest work.

Who is Peter Drinco?

My Name is Peter Drinco. I live and work in Hollywood, California. I have been in the filmmaking and television business for 33 years mainly working as a dolly grip in my younger years but have also been a key grip for several decades up to 2018. I have also done some stunt work, some acting, some AD work, as well as directing a music video in those 33 years. In the last year or so I have transitioned away from my key grip work and into operating techno cranes and remote heads while helping an associate to get his new crane company off the ground.

How long have you been working with Mo-Sys products?

Throughout my key grip career, I have used the Mo-Sys Lambda many times, but not as a direct head technician.

What projects have you been using the L-40 for?

Thus far mainly television series and many commercials. Television shows such as Westworld, Good Girls, Station 19, The Rookie, Runaways and Future Man have used the L-40 head to great satisfaction. I was a key grip on one of the two units for the HBO series Westworld for season one and two. We carried the L-40 for the run of the show and that was my first introduction to the versatility of the L-40 and find that it is now my non-stab head of choice.

Peter Drinco used the Mo-Sys L-40 on the recent series of The Rookie as well as the upcoming third season of HBO's Westworld

How have you been using our products?

Since I have transitioned into the techno crane side of my career, I have purchased two L-40s in the last year. I use my heads on multiple telescoping crane arms, modular arms, and fixed jib arms. I have had a variety of camera packages, both light and heavy, and the head has performed exceptionally well in all cases. It’s an ideal head for interior work or where a stabilized head is not needed. I have used the head on cranes as large as 50 feet at times on exterior shots and have found with the right conditions and operation of the crane arm, the head has provided smooth results with no need for a stabilized head saving time and money for production.

Why did you choose Mo-Sys?

I feel the Mo-Sys L-40 is by far the best non-stab head currently available, and with the new back-pan compensation the head has only improved. As my relationship grows with Michael Geissler, the owner, and the other team members, I am learning more about their advancements in their other products and see a strong future for the company - both in production and post-production work.

What is your experience with Mo-Sys support?

The support I have received from Mo-Sys has been invaluable on multiple levels, from helping me to make my purchases, to product support and some minor repairs. Everyone has been extremely responsive and helpful in every department which has allowed me to meet my client’s needs in good time. Customer service, as everyone knows is at the heart of a company’s reputation, it will make or break a company in many cases. I am happy to share my experience with Mo-Sys as one I can count on and praise. With their support I have been able to overcome the hurdles I face with my business to achieve my goals and service I provide for my clients.

Would you recommend our products and why?

Because of the functionality of the products compared to the competition, and the customer service I have received I would most definitely recommend the products of Mo-Sys.

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