VP Pro 5.4.0 Release

Apr 29, 2024

VP Pro 5.4.0 Release

VP Pro 5.4.0 Released

Mo-Sys has today announced the minor release of VP Pro 5.4.0

James Uren, Mo-Sys Technical Director “The Mo-Sys dev team have worked very hard to ship VP Pro 5.4 within 24 hours of Epic's Unreal Engine 5.4 release. As always there are some great new features in Unreal - especially for VP. (We are excited to get stuck into Avalanche!) The 5.4 Preview period was short and we have some exciting VFX and XR features that are in the final stages of testing now, so look out for another release from us in a few weeks.

Note that Unreal Engine 5.4 now requires payment of a license fee per seat / render node. We are working with Epic to establish how we can make this easier for our customers, but until then it will be your responsibility to license your machines.


Release notes:

  • Unreal 5.4 support
  • MoSysCamera colour improvements
  • Plugin module optimisation and minor bug fixes
  • Support site improvements
  • Improved NearTime render integration (VFX license)
  • Dynamic XR colour correction improvements (XR license)

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